water as a powerful element in garden design
water as a negative edge swimming pool
Pools can be a dramatic focal point
Come home to your backyard heaven
Merging earth with stone
Basalt Dish Fountain
Sometimes less is more
triple scupper fountain600
Sophisticated Thoughtful Designs
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Relax and Unwind
Elegant simplicity
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Merging indoor and outdoor spaces
The gathering spot
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JSL Landscape Design Build

Professional design and installation for homeowners who appreciate fine outdoor living




Landscape design can range from expressing a simple idea to producing detailed drawings. JSL Landscape is strongly committed to producing creative, innovative and unique design solutions that are a reflection of the needs of the client and the opportunities of the site. 

The interface between the design process and the construction process is Project Management. We work with a team of expert craftsmen, pool builders, electricians, plumbers and other tradespeople who are specialists in their field. JSL is the choreographer who directs the efforts of all the team members in perfect harmony building the project from concept to completion while maintaining the integrity of the design.

JSL Landscape is a Design Build company. We build nearly everything we design. The construction process is made so much easier when the designer is the one who oversees the construction. We have over 20 years of construction experience. No job is too large to handle. We build all kinds of hardscape and softscape. For a list of our construction services click below.


“John did a great job on our yard. His service was very professional and the job was completed on time and on budget. John’s design makes our back yard feel bigger and it looks wonderful. John has good eye for what works and the plantings he chose are very pleasing. John went above and beyond what I thought would be included on this type of job; we are very happy with the results.” Rob G. — Sedona
Rob G.
“JSL Landscape accomplished my ‘dream’ backyard. I wanted more of a traditional, low maintenance feel with a sense of formality. Especially helpful was the use of websites, and helpful care in plant selection. The design was creative and used existing and new plantings to create an inviting environment. I would highly recommend their expertise. Jan Kabbani,
Jan Kabbani
Many thanks for transforming our backyard moonscape into a truly beautiful setting for us to enjoy and to entertain our friends and family. We appreciated John’s approach from the very first meeting in which he listened attentively to us describe our thoughts about what we were looking for, offering helpful suggestions and options without any pressure on our decisions. He was able to sketch out a proposal beautifully capturing our thoughts and desired features in one short meeting. It met all of our expectations. John was very thorough throughout the project which he completed with the highest quality and in accordance with the schedule he had proposed. We continue to receive high praise from friends and neighbors on the design and quality of our backyard landscape. ” Mark and Eileen Christianson
Mark & Eileen Christianson
“Over the years we have had JSL Landscape do our landscape projects and have been most pleased. JSL’s creative designs help to set your house apart especially in newer subdivisions where all the houses can look alike. We were very fortunate to have our last house sell in just 21 days! In a tough housing market ‘curb appeal’ is crucial and we truly feel the ambiance created by our landscaping really helped to make our house stand out. JSL Landscape is very professional and delivers top quality work. Tammy & Alan Lombardi
Tammy & Alan Lombardi