Gardens designed with an Asian influence allows the capturing of the philosophy behind what an Asian garden represents. Traditional Japanese gardens are based on nature and embody feelings of tranquility, serenity, contemplation and beauty.

Specific elements can evoke these feelings directly or indirectly. For instance, a raked sand “Zen style” garden symbolizes waves on water. Just the image itself serves to focus one’s mind on the simplicity of the arrangement and is a mini representation of the larger elements of nature including islands (rock boulders) surrounded by the ocean (raked sand or gravel).

“Zen” style in terms of interior design suggests minimalist, contemporary, simple and elegant. A particular theme is not obvious unless there is a suggestive decoration such as a Buddhist wall hanging, Bonsai pot or small table top fountain made of bamboo.

A strong design principle in Asian style gardens is the use of symbolism. Not all landscape elements exude exactly what it is they are embodying. For instance, a gentle curving pathway that seems to just naturally flow through the garden can symbolize Chi energy.