JSL Landscape Design Build installs all types of fences and gates. We are a licensed fence contractor in Arizona Registrar of Contractors license 313211. We build all types of fences and gates including wood, ornamental steel, pool fencing, chain link, vinyl as well as custom designed fencing and decorative gates.

Fence Design Considerations

Property Boundary

Marking the property lines of your lot requires that you know precisely where this line is. You may have an existing fence that needs replacing or even the property corners may have surveyor pins. If you don’t have a good idea where the property lines and corners are, you may require a licensed surveyor to do a boundary survey. Do not guess as to where the property line is. Its best to stay within it a few inches.

Neighbors and Land Disputes

Not only is it important to build your fence within your property, you will want to avoid encroaching onto your neighbor’s property. Where there is no existing survey markers, its a good idea to talk to your neighbor before you begin installation of the fence. People can be very sensitive about their “land”. Some homeowners will not even let you paint the back side of your new fence that faces the neighbor because you would have to access their property.

However, some neighbors will not object to having a fence built, in fact may even split the cost provided it is designed to be mutually beneficial. Bottom line is always discuss the idea with your neighbors beforehand so you can work out any disputes.

Site Conditions

Drainage — Be sure the existing drainage is not obstructing the flow of water during rains. This is important when designing with solid structures such as wood and block. Your local government may have some input on how the best handle such drainage issues especially if your fence requires a permit.

Topography — A flat level building condition makes the installation relatively easy and less complicated. Slopes and other grade changes need to be designed for and will increase costs. Depending on the steepness of the grade change, the type of fence you install can become more costly. Steel fence panels can be purchased that are “rackable” meaning they are built to pivot between the posts to adjust to the grade. A wood fence can also be adjusted to the slope by angling the horizontal rails. However, custom fabricated steel fences and block require much more labor.

Utilities — Always call your utility marking service to locate your utility lines. They are usually color coded and sprayed on the ground, or may use colored flags. Keep in mind the water company may not mark the location of your water main between the water meter and your house. The same goes with the gas company depending on the location of the meter.

What is the Purpose

Fences and walls serve to provide some or all of the following:

Screening and privacy. You may want to block the view of your neighbors hot tub (and vice versa) the neighbor may want a fence for privacy.

Demarcate the property line. You may have a large property that is not within a typical subdivision and want to show where your property ends relative to your neighbors.

Security. You may have little children and pets and want to keep them contained. Conversely, you may want a deterrent to keep would be thieves and other undesirable from easily accessing your property.

You may have a swimming pool that by law is required to have an approved barrier. Many prefabricated pool fences comply with national pool codes and the open design of the pickets allow you to see into the pool area.

Animal Barrier. You may have all kinds of critters that may want to eat your tomatoes or dig up your lawn or just wander around. The fencing must be designed so no animals can go through the picket spacing or jump over the top.