“Thank you so much. You did an exceptional job in creating that special space…
just like in my previous home. That’s twice now that you’ve exceeded my expectations.
I LOVE MY YARD… front, back and sides!!

Marilyn Niemann – Realty Executives

Many thanks for transforming our backyard moonscape into a truly beautiful setting for us to enjoy and to entertain our friends and family. We appreciated John’s approach from the very first meeting in which he listened attentively to us describe our thoughts about what we were looking for, offering helpful suggestions and options without any pressure on our decisions. He was able to sketch out a proposal beautifully capturing our thoughts and desired features in one short meeting. It met all of our expectations. John was very thorough throughout the project which he completed with highest quality and in accordance with the schedule he had proposed. We continue to receive high praise from friends and neighbors on the design and quality of our backyard landscape. ”

Mark and Eileen Christianson

Over the years we have had JSL Landscape do our landscape projects and have been most pleased. JSL’s creative designs help to set your house apart especially
in newer subdivisions where all the houses can look alike. We were very fortunate to have our last house sell in just 21 days! In a tough housing market ‘curb appeal’ is crucial and we truly feel the ambiance created by our landscaping really helped to make our house stand out. JSL Landscape is very professional and delivers top quality work.

Tammy & Alan Lombardi

JSL Landscape accomplished my ‘dream’ backyard. I wanted more of a traditional, low maintenance feel with a sense of formality. Especially helpful was the use of websites, and helpful care in plant selection. The design was creative and used existing and new plantings to create an inviting environment. I would highly recommend their expertise.

Jan Kabbani, Coldwell Banker, Walt Danley Group

We were thrilled with the way JSL turned our ideas into a plan… which they then executed perfectly.”

Kathy Fuller, Russ Lyon Sotheby’s IR

“It was a pleasure to work with JSL Landscape. From inception to execution John listened well, was inspirational, and ‘hands on’ to create a wonderful result. We look forward to refining our landscape concept with him in the years to come.”

Martin Cohos, Architect

I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job you and your team did in transforming our overgrown backyard into an inviting outdoor living space. We have enjoyed the patio all spring. Although we’ve just packed up and headed back east
for the summer, please do not hesitate to use us as a reference.”

Kathryn Dannay

“Your employees did a wonderful job and were kind and considerate. John is great.
I have already given your name to three other people. Thanks for everything.”

Sandra Baldwin – Russ Lyon Sotheby’s IR

“John did a great job on our yard. His service was very professional and the job was completed on time and on budget. John’s design makes our back yard feel bigger and it looks wonderful. John has good eye for what works and the plantings he chose are very pleasing. John went above and beyond what I thought would be included on this type of job; we are very happy with the results.”

Rob G. — Sedona

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