Firepits are very popular element in a garden

Firepits are a very popular element in a garden

Fire as a sacred design idea is most often reflected in the use of firepits. Fire is one of the four classic elements in addition to water, earth and air.

In this picture to the left, the fire pit represents fire, the stone patio and boulders represent earth, the spa represents the water element while air can be either the ambient breeze, sound or the oxygen that feeds the fire.

Waves O FireWe all have an inherent attraction to fire and feel the connection to nature in a subtle way. Used in a spiritual design, fire can be a powerful design feature including its symbolism of being transformative and purifying. Rituals can be performed around fire’s ability to change things, release things and transform not just what is burning, but the thought that is being symbolically burned or released as a kind of cleansing. Hence an example of fire as a sacred design idea.
Red fire burner

Fire as one of the four elements can be represented not only by actual flame, but anything that has a triangular shape or even the color red which is how fire is represented in the 5 Element Theory of Feng Shui.

Fire pits and fire places can be used symbolically to represent the element of fire as well as provide warm and ambiance which is the mundane reason for a firepit. The transcendental meaning for why a firepit may be used is to reflect fire as a sacred design idea.