Sedona Landscape Designer provides professional consultation services Complimentary Initial Consultations are free in order to determine your needs, find out more detail about how my services can benefit you and to suggest a plan of action.

For projects that need  input from a professional design-build-architect, my consultation fee is $150 for up to two hours. Additional time if needed, on or off site is $50 per hour.

For homeowners and business owners in and around Sedona, an on site consultation can be very valuable as I can see things that the average property owner does not typically consider when it comes to site planning, design potential or solving site issues.

A professional consultation session may include:

Where to place focal points such as pools, fountains, sculptures

How to deal with a difficult grading or drainage issue

Whether or not to cut down significant trees that seem to be in the way

What to do with a difficult space such as a courtyard or small patio

Alternative solutions to deal with privacy, views and noise issues

Rainwater harvesting conceptual planning

Quick sketches showing conceptual design ideas

Assessment of existing irrigation systems

Developing a design approach such as a theme or style

Assessment of the existing planting layout and recommendations for changes

A design brainstorming session where ideas, dreams and goals are explored

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