A guide to native plant garden by the Lady Bird Johnon Wildflower Center
List of some of western cities that offer rebates for people who remove their lawns and replace it with low water use plants.
Replacing sod with native plants or some other low water use alternative is not easy. Here is an article showing your options.
Very good resource by the San Diego County Water Authority regarding the removal of turf so that one can take advantage of their rebate program for turf replacement.
Find out what kind of mulch to use that will help conserve moisture in the root zone.
The Irrigation Association has a program called Smart Water Application Technologies. This article reviews the various smart irrigation controllers on the market as well as links to the EPA site that certifies them.
Excellent publication by the Colorado State Extension Service regarding irrigation systems.
Brief overview of rainwater harvesting
Good overview explaining the benefits of using native plants in the landscape.