BBQ islands are a fixed piece of outdoor cabinetry and countertop designed for cooking and preparation of food. Elaborate bbq islands can be fitted with additional features making them essentially outdoor kitchens. A simple bbq island will have just a grill and counterspace. Beyond that, there are many accessories available. Of course, the more features, the bigger space you will need to accommodate the island. Here are some options for an outdoor kitchen or bbq island:

  • Main cooking grill – anything from a charcoal grill to a 2 to 6 burner unit.
  • Countertop – can be tile, stone, granite or other material that can withstand your particular climate.
  • Access door – a basic door is needed to access the gas connection under the grill whether that be a propane tank or a natural gas line.
  • Side burners – single or double which can be used to sautee, pan fry, or even Wok something.
  • Refridgerator – typically 24″ wide that slide under the counter.
  • Sink – for running water. Could be both cold and hot. Check your local building codes about requirements for where the sink wastewater can drain to.
  • Beverage chiller – an alternative to a working refredgerator. Beverage chillers slip into the countertop. Just fill with ice before you use it.
  • Cabinet doors for storage shelves inside the cabinet.
  • Drawers that fit into the cabinet for smaller utensils and supplies.
  • Trash access door.
  • A smoker such as a Green Egg can be an alternative cooking unit fitted into the countertop and cabinet.

Most homeowners stick with a basic grill and countertop, but if you are a professional chef, you will probably opt for an outdoor kitchen.

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